The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with H.
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Added on Friday, August 30, 2019

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  1. “___ wish” (westley’s line in “the princess bride”)
  2. “he’s so fine” group with “the”
  3. “i can’t explain it ” if someone’s getting short
  4. Original source of “gumbo” and “goober”
  5. Follower of “brown.” or “rice.”
  6. Emmy winner for “m*a*s*h” and “the west wing”
  7. Language that gave us “hubbub” and “slogan”
  8. “___ i” (“me too”)
  9. “___ dommage!” (“how sad!”)
  10. “i dreamed a dream” singer in “les misérables”
  11. Genre for “chinatown” and “l.a. confidential”
  12. Carelessly misclue &ldquo tape&rdquo as &ldquo buried record&rdquo
  13. “honestly ” if someone’s getting short
  14. “bingo!” if someone’s getting short
  15. She made her debut in 1937’s “porky’s romance”
  16. Anatole france’s “l’île ___ pingouins”
  17. Zola’s “j’accuse…!” for one
  18. Author&rsquo s new &ldquo first&rdquo
  19. “it’s alright (i see rainbows)” musician
  20. “don’t bother”


  1. Welcoming and open to all
  2. Put your foot in say something embarrassing
  3. Empty spaceships or bases, like after an attack
  4. Feature films, sometimes made in hollywood
  5. Most common form of outdoor advertising
  6. Pure, moral
  7. Non mainstream superhero team in dc comics
  8. Number in a song by paul hardcastle, n n n n