The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with C.
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Added on Saturday, August 17, 2019

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  1. “___ wish” (westley’s line in “the princess bride”)
  2. Original source of “gumbo” and “goober”
  3. Follower of “brown.” or “rice.”
  4. Emmy winner for “m*a*s*h” and “the west wing”
  5. Language that gave us “hubbub” and “slogan”
  6. “___ i” (“me too”)
  7. “___ dommage!” (“how sad!”)
  8. “i dreamed a dream” singer in “les misérables”
  9. Genre for “chinatown” and “l.a. confidential”
  10. Carelessly misclue &ldquo tape&rdquo as &ldquo buried record&rdquo
  11. She made her debut in 1937’s “porky’s romance”
  12. Anatole france’s “l’île ___ pingouins”
  13. “i can’t explain it ” if someone’s getting short
  14. “what’s new?” if someone’s getting short
  15. Zola’s “j’accuse…!” for one
  16. “it’s alright (i see rainbows)” musician
  17. “don’t bother”
  18. Ruth of “rosemary’s baby”
  19. He played de niro’s brother in “raging bull”
  20. “don’t say ___!”


  1. Reluctance or unwillingness to carry on
  2. Busy toronto expressway that follows a creek
  3. English executioner, gave his name to a crane
  4. Movie with elizabeth hurley as the devil
  5. Penny , cheap booklet with lurid stories
  6. Meeting where people try to talk to the dead
  7. Murder, she wrote detective jessica
  8. Instruction requesting people to retreat