The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Layered dessert ice cream toppings and cream"

Added on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
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CODYCROSS sports Group 151 Puzzle 3

  1. Antigens are seen as dangerous by this system
  2. Mortal __ x reboot of the classic sega game
  3. Money made by working paycheck
  4. Patron of lost causes
  5. Kitchen on a ship
  6. __ percent of extinct species are birds
  7. Something that physically exists
  8. Pro wrestler turned ufc heavyweight champ
  9. __ devil flying biped with hooves
  10. Infant bed aka crib
  11. Springfield's police chief father of dopey kid
  12. __ spoon race; a children's balancing party game


  1. Sundae
    1. It might come with a cherry on top
    2. Split, e.g.
    3. Ice cream treat
    4. Treat eaten with a spoon
    5. Ice cream dish
    6. Dessert not for the diet-


  1. Ice cream dessert with cream nuts and toppings
  2. Dessert of ice cream with toppings and syrups
  3. A dessert made of ice cream, sauce and toppings
  4. Meringue, cream and fruit layered dessert
  5. Layered dessert of pudding, cream and fruit
  6. Perfect layered dessert of fruit, whipped cream
  7. A layered dessert of ice cream and fruit
  8. Some crumbled dessert toppings
  9. Ice cream with toppings
  10. Ice cream order toppings?
  11. Crushed toppings for ice cream sundaes
  12. Thin crispy toppings served with ice cream
  13. Layered dessert
  14. Dessert usually layered and glazed
  15. Layered coffee-flavored italian dessert
  16. Flaky layered dessert
  17. Layered italian dessert
  18. Dessert with layered fruit, custard and sponge
  19. English layered dessert of cake, jelly, custard
  20. Italian coffee-flavoured layered dessert


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  2. That's bogus!
  3. Period after wedding
  4. Pet butterfly, perhaps
  5. Done for
  6. Cousteaus field
  7. Traps for the unwary
  8. Picked out clean, cutting edge product