The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Laughs like a witch"

Added on Thursday, October 3, 2019
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CODYCROSS Home Sweet Home Group 623 Puzzle 5

  1. Underground layer of water within permeable rock
  2. Military leader often associated with africa
  3. Train service
  4. Brain __; puzzles to make you think
  5. __ pierce oscar-winning film with joan crawford
  6. John __ writer of legal thrillers
  7. Give someone a heads-up
  8. Being out of order all over the place
  9. What everyone wears on their shirt at a conference
  10. __ greens where cricket matches are played
  11. Turn on the electric __ and snuggle up in bed
  12. Padma __ actress producer top chef host
  13. More hip rhythmic
  14. Patting with cloth
  15. Witty intelligences


  1. Cackles
    1. Laughs harshly like witch
    2. Sounds from a hen
    3. Witchy laughs
    4. Raucous laughs heard during hen-party?
    5. Laughs rather loudly
  2. Cackles
    1. Laughs witchily


  1. Laughs and laughs
  2. The person who laughs last laughs __
  3. He who laughs ___ laughs best
  4. Laughs harshly like witch
  5. '... good witch ___ bad witch?'
  6. "... good witch ___ bad witch?" (glinda's query)
  7. Witch sees liberal couple possessed by virtual witch
  8. "are you a good witch ___ bad witch?" (from "the wiza
  9. Are you a good witch ___ bad witch?: 2 wds.
  10. “… good witch ___ bad witch?” (“the wizard of oz” question): 2 wds.
  11. An evil witch is known as a __ witch
  12. … good witch ___ bad witch? (2 wds.)
  13. Are they a bit higher than belly laughs?
  14. A few laughs
  15. Big laughs
  16. Derisive laughs
  17. Laughs through the nose
  18. Just for laughs
  19. Cheap laughs
  20. Belly laughs


  1. To melt together
  2. His favorite candy is bears
  3. I decided to order some potatoes
  4. Pertaining to a city
  5. What is inside a bone
  6. What’s the gland in the neck called
  7. What’s the name of some houses in the alps
  8. Item often stolen from hotels