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  1. One of the stuntmen on jackass
  2. Jackass's sound
  3. Sound like a jackass
  4. __ knoxville of jackass fame
  5. "jackass" theme song band (abbr.)
  6. "jackass" crew member margera
  7. 'jackass' member who got a tattoo in a moving vehicle
  8. "jackass" costar who had his own "viva" spinoff on mtv
  9. 'jackass' crewmate once on 'dancing with the stars'
  10. 'bring the jackass out for an encore!'
  11. Tv show in which a 'jackass' star meets 'the simple life'?
  12. ___ himself ('jackass' regular)
  13. "jackass" stuntman margera
  14. Inspiration for a 'jackass' stunt, maybe
  15. "jackass 3d" actor chris
  16. ''go to the right, jackass!''
  17. Jackass - i had one to back
  18. Epithet every jackass in tralee faces?
  19. Jackass' asian relative
  20. Act like a jackass


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  2. Yellow-and-green hat name
  3. Phenomenon evidenced in the 2011 film subtitled 'never say never'
  4. French king hugh ___
  5. Words before "a whip"
  6. They may be rolled or steel-cut
  7. Make an effort to hold onto girl for broadcaster
  8. Brand name repeated in a kreayshawn title