The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with L.
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Added on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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  1. Languish
    1. Flag and sail hung incorrectly
    2. Lover's beginning to cause pain and get depressed
    3. Grow weak or feeble
    4. Left to suffer, become weak
    5. Suffering under labour leader's decline
    6. Left with heartache, go into decline


  1. Book &mdash avoiding parking &mdash trips on electric cars &mdash useful!
  2. — alcohol; — violet
  3. Person longing — not the first — for something profitable
  4. Pulled — hard — leg of the setter about taxonomic term
  5. Big money &mdash millions pocketed &mdash for salespeople
  6. End of serenade &mdash wordless singing &mdash my german is a battle
  7. Heads for america &mdash palm springs &mdash enjoying recess
  8. Letter to greeks &mdash about time &mdash becomes disgrace
  9. Old barbarian &mdash cause of complaint &mdash leading demo
  10. Oil tax &mdash one part adjustable &mdash take it or leave it
  11. Twitch irregularly &mdash or regularly &mdash with this
  12. Plain &mdash &mdash seymour
  13. Wife i left &mdash and daughter &mdash will be angry
  14. What cuts skin &mdash hip, feet &mdash evenly
  15. Duffel &mdash morning &mdash
  16. King charles not favoured &mdash no turning back &mdash one in the soup?
  17. Problem backing the french &mdash quite without oomph &mdash in raunchy us show
  18. Ale splashing &mdash a keg ruined &mdash because of this
  19. So come to eire, maybe — somewhere dull
  20. Bakery &mdash id chat about one of its products maybe


  1. Put on a jury
  2. New recruit covering up corruption
  3. Out with permission, maybe
  4. Never again paid for by church
  5. New roadmen returning notice group of stars
  6. Places to hang
  7. Nameless chum under the influence of drugs
  8. Noble old general giving up whiskey for jazzman