The answer to this crossword puzzle is 13 letters long and begins with U


Do you know the answer?


  1. Uptotheminute
    1. What's new?
    2. Including the latest info
    3. Tie up the mount? (anag)
    4. Ultra-modern
    5. Extremely modern
    6. A competent secretary will be often refreshed?


  1. Latest responsibility of picture restorers
  2. Responsibility -- our responsibility?
  3. Subtle line about barack's latest small change in washington?
  4. Take responsibility on occasion for a small charge
  5. Temporarily took responsibility for a small charge
  6. Small sanctimonious people in small branches
  7. Framers of speech upset about representative's latest prepared comments
  8. Full of the latest
  9. Dismiss idiot overlooking latest in computer protection
  10. Singers latest
  11. Dernier ___ (latest thing)
  12. Latest thing
  13. First person to hear about your latest crush, maybe
  14. Criticises company's latest viola
  15. Provide with the latest information
  16. Informed about the latest trends (sl)
  17. The latest
  18. Going up, like conservative spending (latest information hidden)
  19. Garden flowers: the latest picture
  20. Apple technology's latest found in place for courses?


  1. Berkeley school, popularly
  2. Cyclopean trait
  3. Animals with black-tipped tails
  4. 'baywatch' actress ___ lee nolin
  5. Malt additive?
  6. Godot's god
  7. A gateway to chicago
  8. Part 2 of a sob