The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Large sledges traditionally pulled by reindeer"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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  1. __-daro rediscovered indus valley civilization
  2. __ press electrical device flattens pants
  3. Famous wwii tank
  4. Someone who investigates suspicious deaths
  5. Another name for kettledrums
  6. Greek goddess of corn and fruitfulness
  7. South china sea islands claimed by vietnam china
  8. Amy __ aviatrix flew from britain to australia
  9. Yarn measure equivalent to 18 hanks or 126 skeins
  10. Company distilling cordon bleu
  11. What one cannot do if he/she can't obey
  12. Tiny glass balls for rolling or collecting
  13. Certainly not strict
  14. Fatty acid used in soaps
  15. Frosty's genus
  16. Underground stem that produces roots and shoots
  17. Retail __ shopping to make you feel better!
  18. Machado __ brazilian writer of realist novels
  19. Intensely deep red
  20. Cash __ an atm to dispense the notes for shopping
  21. __ sorter machine to separate unattractive foods
  22. Stadio artemio __ fiorentina football home
  23. A usually circular line encompassing an area
  24. Diaphragm spazzing


  1. Sleighs
    1. Sites for bells
    2. Toy holders, maybe
    3. Finishes off broadcast vehicles being towed
    4. Vehicles hunt found on board
    5. Where to see runners
    6. Destroys sound vehicles that skid


  1. One reindeer and a reindeer from 18-across
  2. Santa's reindeer, traditionally
  3. Sledges
  4. Big dogs trained to pull sledges in arctic
  5. Dogs that pull arctic sledges
  6. Alaskan dog, a wolf descendant that pulls sledges
  7. Snow sledges, like santa's
  8. Young christmas trees carried around in sledges
  9. Place for sleeping but is it pulled by reindeer?
  10. A sled, maybe pulled by reindeer
  11. Pulled by reindeer
  12. Point bent scotsman's traditionally pulled up over, head sunk in confusion?
  13. Often pulled up when we are pulled up
  14. Large reindeer from north america
  15. Large reindeer
  16. Large piece of wood traditionally burnt in the hearth on christmas eve
  17. A large dog breed traditionally used as guard dogs
  18. A large bag with a handle, pulled by travellers
  19. Butcher mentioned something that goes with reindeer
  20. Frozen reindeer


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  2. Bean, cheese and meat not good
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  7. Beg editor to withdraw material
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