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  1. Large sieves or riddles
  2. Puzzles; sieves
  3. Brain-teasers and coarse sieves
  4. Constructs 500 flexible sieves
  5. Sieves, in a way
  6. Word games or sieves
  7. Puzzles or sieves
  8. Sieves short of puréeing
  9. Rocks found in prospectors' sieves
  10. Coarse sieves or puzzles
  11. Sieves for soft drinks?
  12. Chef's directives involving sieves?
  13. Sieves
  14. Strains, sieves
  15. End of many riddles
  16. Commotion caused by heads of state talking in riddles
  17. Words ending many riddles
  18. Riddles
  19. Teachers posing riddles, but not initially
  20. Egyptian creature that poses unsolvable riddles


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