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  1. Duke's deputy in 'measure for measure'
  2. 'measure for measure' in full east-ender's headgear?
  3. "measure for measure" deputy
  4. "thou liest, wicked __!": "measure for measure"
  5. 'how do you measure, measure ___?' ('rent' lyric)
  6. Somewhat exaggerated character from measure for measure?
  7. "__ o' your throats": "measure for measure"
  8. 'measure for measure' villain and others
  9. Character in 'measure for measure'
  10. '___ all frail': angelo in 'measure for measure'
  11. "you shall hear more __ morning": "measure for measure"
  12. It might be gabriel round for measure ... for measure's bad guy
  13. Take, o take those - away (measure for measure)
  14. A play like measure for measure, boas thought
  15. Measure for measure antagonist
  16. A measure of speed or a measure of liquid
  17. Confused premier accepting measure for measure
  18. A dim-witted constable in 'measure for measure'
  19. Change to better part in measure for measure
  20. *he speaks the first and last lines in 'measure for measure'


  1. Sailor goes to the opera with a pound, which is odd
  2. Feel poorly - setback for boatman and his french affair
  3. They drink sap somehow concealed within
  4. I am apt to be cheeky
  5. With expired email provider one needs paper
  6. Hit nail on the head of clumsy oaf
  7. Be depressed about arrangement of 12's work
  8. Mortgage for a police dog?