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  1. Lacking knowledge or lacking manners
  2. Lacking height and seen to be lacking imagination
  3. 'lacking in sense, lacking in humour (7)'
  4. Deity lacking pizzazz, lacking heart
  5. Lacking 12 across - and lacking a foundation, too
  6. Personnel overhaul
  7. 4-down personnel, informally
  8. Highest-ranked group in personnel i tested
  9. Personnel person
  10. I.c.u. personnel
  11. Corps personnel: abbr.
  12. Key hotel personnel
  13. Personnel ids
  14. Mag personnel
  15. State personnel in for second retreat
  16. Personnel datum
  17. Children of armed forces personnel, slangily
  18. Personnel director's find
  19. Personnel director, at times
  20. Mostly managed personnel in german industrial area


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  2. Priestly class in dungeons & dragons
  3. What recycling code 40 is used for
  4. Done in the least amount of time
  5. Sacred city in buddhism
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  7. Suspicious offers often
  8. Two-___ (like a dozen answers in this grid)