CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Kind of credit card"

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  1. Nofee
    1. Checked notice and worried!
    2. Kind of checking
    3. Lacking a charge
    4. Apartment ad come-on
    5. Like some checking accoun
    6. Like some atm withdrawals


  1. Give credit where credit --
  2. A foreign dignitary lacking credit
  3. Word after flight or credit
  4. Cousin of a credit union
  5. Some credit card security
  6. Got credit for
  7. Big name in credit report
  8. Government dispute blocks credit note
  9. Credit card designation
  10. One with credit or a literal hint to 17-, 27- and 44-across
  11. Emergency credit's withdrawn where one might take a punt
  12. Slide, as a credit card t
  13. One taking a lot of credit, maybe?
  14. Credit suisse rival
  15. Credit card provider, e.g
  16. Abbr. before a credit card date
  17. H.s. science course for college credit
  18. What credit cards may bri
  19. Credit card magnet
  20. Bad news from a credit ca


  1. Some partygoers
  2. Something rain might change in brief
  3. Subterranean storage units of flowers including snake's head fritillary, lily of the valley, iris and crocus
  4. U.s. gross national debt units since 1981
  5. Boxed up say
  6. Protest item that leaves a powdery mess
  7. Armoured type of vehicle such as an m4 sherman
  8. American author of a series of books about forensic investigator temperance brennan