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  1. Aloft
  2. They keep airliners aloft
  3. Glide aloft
  4. Bear aloft?
  5. Raise aloft
  6. Aloft means above the rigging of a __ ship
  7. Hamlet holds his skull aloft
  8. Don't give way, endure - or carry aloft
  9. Lob aloft poorly for this game
  10. Make fun of or dispatch aloft
  11. Aloft, e.g.
  12. Aloft, above
  13. Feel elated, stroll aloft
  14. Don't give way to despair, or carry aloft
  15. Gaze aloft or go to visit
  16. Dance with terrified 13-year-olds held aloft by drunken relatives
  17. President lincoln's face stands aloft
  18. Make a mistake or lose footing aloft
  19. Animal god aloft, one completely lacking tail
  20. Appraise organ aloft


  1. Us fashion designer who edited vogue, 1972 87
  2. What the eyes are on in remedios varo's painting
  3. Region of italy containing the province of naples
  4. Painter for henry vii hans the younger
  5. Idiom to take someone's money, to drain their gore
  6. The goblin king who tests sarah in the labyrinth
  7. One who rejects all beliefs and values
  8. Save these proofs of purchase for the accountant