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  1. Anthropologist fossey
  2. Anthropologist's topic: v
  3. Anthropologist dian
  4. Thor __ norwegian explorer and anthropologist
  5. Anthropologist claude ___-strauss
  6. Anthropologist's subject
  7. Us anthropologist, margaret d. 1978
  8. Anthropologist, margaret
  9. With 57-across, 2006 film from the asylum about an anthropologist searching for ancient codes
  10. Anthropologist's objective in melton mowbray?
  11. Eminent anthropologist
  12. Long-running series with an anthropologist/author
  13. Famed anthropologist
  14. Samoa-based anthropologist
  15. American anthropologist margaret
  16. Anthropologist louis
  17. Is a bad anthropologist, perhaps
  18. __ mead us anthropologist
  19. Social anthropologist's studies
  20. Back anthropologist about guardian spirit


  1. Conservative taking position close to supporters
  2. Conspicuousness of legal right in complicated case
  3. People trying to effect change in a specific area
  4. Give pleasure to, satisfy
  5. Floats in crests with zero gravity
  6. Monkees lead singer, a youth jockey
  7. Mount __, plantation home of george washington
  8. Corners or points on a polygon