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  1. Reality show whose most recent winner is kelsey barnard clark: 2 wds.
  2. He played clark kent on 'lois and clark'
  3. Sitcom starring kelsey grammer, that was a spin-off of 'cheers,' and ran for 11 seasons
  4. Kelsey grammer played this role for two decades
  5. __ bob bart's stalker voiced by kelsey grammer
  6. Co-star of ted, woody and kelsey
  7. Kelsey grammer, e.g.
  8. Portrayer of kelsey's ex
  9. One of kelsey's co-stars
  10. Co-star of woody, rhea and kelsey
  11. ''simpsons'' character voiced by kelsey grammer
  12. Co-star of kelsey, once
  13. 2009 family film featuring kelsey grammer as mr cranston
  14. Kelsey grammer sitcom set in seattle
  15. 'frasier' star kelsey
  16. Lizzie mcguire actress who plays kelsey peters on tv land's younger: 2 wds.
  17. Kelsey __ who played frasier crane
  18. Kelsey __, played frasier
  19. Barnard grads
  20. Noted barnard undertaking


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