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  1. Climbing plant, climbing, snags good strip of skin
  2. Alpine climbing tool
  3. Approach everest from here? climbing it with risk
  4. Aircraft manoeuvres in wind, climbing ...
  5. Metal spike used in rock climbing
  6. “keep climbing” sloganeer
  7. Make pretence of climbing river mountain
  8. Aid in climbing the corp. ladder
  9. Climbing plant
  10. Little mammals shaking off one american when climbing
  11. Old man crosses line climbing mountain
  12. Time in which to see large round climbing animal loved by kids
  13. Climbing mt. everest, for
  14. Climbing trained fruit-tree i abandoned shows return of disease
  15. Climbing plant in the pea family
  16. Spur on a climbing iron
  17. Sheepish complaint climbing hill and also peak of fells
  18. This writer's bored climbing group for ages
  19. Climbing mount everest, e.g
  20. Mark climbing positions beset by bad omens


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