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  1. "never __ me go": kazuo ishiguro novel
  2. 2005 novel by kazuo ishiguro
  3. ___ let me go (kazuo ishiguro novel)
  4. 1989 booker-mcconnell prize for fiction-winning novel by kazuo ishiguro
  5. Never ___ me go (2010 film based on a kazuo ishiguro novel)
  6. The buried ___ 2015 fantasy novel by kazuo ishiguro which was nominated for the 2016 world fantasy award for best novel
  7. Swedish literature prize that kazuo ishiguro won in 2017
  8. Asian country where kazuo ishiguro was born
  9. ___ me go 2005 novel by kazuo ishiguro for which he won the ala alex award and which was also adapted into a movie: 2 wds.
  10. 1995 novel by kazuo ishiguro for which he won the cheltenham prize: 2 wds.
  11. The remains ___ 1989 novel by kazuo ishiguro (birthday today) for which he won the booker prize and which was also adapted into a film: 3 wds.
  12. "the remains of the day" author __ ishiguro
  13. Kazuo __ british writer born in nagasaki
  14. Kazuo —; nobel prize-winning novelist who wrote the remains of the day and never let me go
  15. 2017 nobel prize for literature winner: kazuo __
  16. Kazuo --, winner of the 2017 nobel prize in literature


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