The answer to this crossword puzzle is 15 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Just william author"

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  1. Richmalcrompton
    1. 20th-century writer who created a series of children's books featuring a mischievous 11-year-old schoolboy
    2. Author of the popular 'william' series of children's books


  1. __ william william kidd's pirate ship
  2. John william strutt, lord --, physicist who, with william ramsay, discovered argon
  3. "sophie's choice" author william
  4. William __ u.s. author of the sound and the fury
  5. William s. __ author of the beat generation
  6. Author of the novel vanity fair: william m. __
  7. — crompton, author (just william)
  8. Vanity -; novel by calcutta-born author william makepeace thackeray
  9. Author of the popular 'william' series of children's books
  10. William -, piers plowman author
  11. William __, author of rural rides (1830)
  12. Author of the just william stories
  13. William _____ (neuromancer author)
  14. Author's poster on william the conqueror, for one
  15. 'ironweed' author william
  16. William —, artist and author
  17. "the elements of style" author william
  18. William —, english essayist and critic; author of 1825 collection the spirit of the age
  19. 1959 novel by british author keith waterhouse whose protagonist is william fisher
  20. William peter author of 1971 novel the exorcist


  1. Globe —; thistle species common in walled gardens or large potagers
  2. It shows you’re sorry about the split
  3. Having tons of cash
  4. Zimbabwe's second-largest city
  5. Tablet with a retina display
  6. Scientist noted for x-ray diffraction who shared the 1915 nobel prize in physics with his son
  7. Slicing part of a knife
  8. ‘koala' tree