The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with O.
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Added on Sunday, September 8, 2019

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  1. Ofmen
    1. '00 nickelback hit "leader ___"
    2. Children ___ 2006 thriller starring julianne moore


  1. “still ___” (julianne moore film)
  2. Uplifting remake of a 2010 annette bening/julianne moore film?
  3. 1995 hugh grant/julianne moore romantic comedy
  4. Julianne moore or jessica chastain
  5. Film which featured julianne moore in a role once played by jodie foster
  6. Demi or julianne moore
  7. The end of the ___ (julianne moore film based on a graham greene novel)
  8. 2010 comedy-drama film starring annette bening and julianne moore
  9. Children ___ 2006 thriller starring julianne moore
  10. 1995 romcom starring hugh grant and julianne moore
  11. 2006 film drama starring samuel l jackson and julianne moore
  12. Marie ___ bruce 2004 comedy drama film starring julianne moore and matthew broderick
  13. Crazy stupid ___ 2011 romantic comedy film starring julianne moore and steve carell
  14. The big ___ 1998 crime comedy film about a bowler starring julianne moore and jeff bridges
  15. 2001 film which is a sequel to the silence of the lambs and stars julianne moore along with anthony hopkins
  16. The lost ___: jurassic park 1997 science fiction film starring julianne moore and jeff goldblum
  17. 1982 film starring dudley moore and mary tyler moore
  18. 1982 dudley moore/mary tyler moore drama
  19. Demi or roger or mandy or alan or my favorite one of all, julianne
  20. Best actress between jennifer and julianne


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