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  1. Jules or jim, in jules et jim
  2. Actress who won an oscar for best actress for cabaret and a worst actress razzie award for rent-a-cop: 2 wds.
  3. Actress who won an oscar for best actress for the blind side and a worst actress razzie award for all about steve: 2 wds.
  4. Barbizon painter jules
  5. Jules verne captain
  6. Jules verne harpooner ___
  7. Jules who pioneered in sc
  8. Captain of jules verne's
  9. French city where jules v
  10. Leave jules's special teacher at home
  11. Birthplace of jules verne
  12. Jules et jim, par exemple
  13. Host jules of e!
  14. Jules rimet __ awarded to world cup winners
  15. French impressionist painter jules robert __
  16. Jules verne adventure 20000 __ under the sea
  17. 20000 __ under the sea a jules verne novel
  18. Polar bears jules who penned hits for cyndi lauper, the bangles and alison moyet
  19. Jules verne's birthplace
  20. Land created by jules verne


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