CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Jules et jim actress"

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  1. Jules or jim, in jules et jim
  2. Actress who won an oscar for best actress for cabaret and a worst actress razzie award for rent-a-cop: 2 wds.
  3. Actress who won an oscar for best actress for the blind side and a worst actress razzie award for all about steve: 2 wds.
  4. Barbizon painter jules
  5. Jules verne captain
  6. Birthplace of jules verne
  7. Jules et jim, par exemple
  8. Host jules of e!
  9. Jules rimet __ awarded to world cup winners
  10. French impressionist painter jules robert __
  11. Jules verne adventure 20000 __ under the sea
  12. 20000 __ under the sea a jules verne novel
  13. Polar bears jules who penned hits for cyndi lauper, the bangles and alison moyet
  14. Jules léotard and amelia bloomer, for two
  15. Ring jules about party getting ruined
  16. Jules massenet opéra comique
  17. Jules --, french composer (1842-1912) best known for his operas
  18. Australian outback taken in by jules thrice?
  19. Captain in jules verne's '20,000 leagues under the sea'
  20. Jules ''et'' jim


  1. Fat old boy feasted regularly
  2. Member of the baseball hall of fame's inaugural class
  3. Prefix related to the environment
  4. Scribble something down
  5. Deep fryer's need
  6. Good thing for a group to speak with
  7. A teacher should ___ role model for her students.: 2 wds.
  8. Tokyo's currency