CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Joyous outburst"

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  1. Drug referenced in “the joyous cosmology”
  2. Joyous wedding dance
  3. Make joyous
  4. Joyous sounds
  5. Joyous cry
  6. Joyous very pleased
  7. Joyous refrain in song
  8. Exuberantly joyous, like a book of part-songs?
  9. Joyous, in poetry
  10. Response to joyous news
  11. Joyous, to burns
  12. Joyous outcome of a catch
  13. Joyous to the max
  14. Joyous song of tribute
  15. Joyous chuckle
  16. Made joyous
  17. Joyous song
  18. Joyous round dance
  19. Joyous sensation arising in much of bay
  20. Joyous, in joliette


  1. Reformed criminal cried about end of hubble telescope
  2. Consider adopting son - end in tears, being easily upset
  3. Austerity of centrists distorted society
  4. Gel from seaweed
  5. Artillery projectiles
  6. Endless fun with izzard once on american square
  7. Where some crawl
  8. Knee-jerk reactions?