The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with P.
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Added on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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  1. Princess
    1. A royal in canadian capital surrounded by the crowd
    2. Old car, since exterior lost in jam
    3. Female royal title; many are disney's characters
    4. __ leia kills jabba the hutt in episode 5
    5. The daughter of a monarch
    6. __ glory from lilliput gulliver's travels novel


  1. If a felid is a member of the cat family what is a member of the dog family called
  2. His/her royal __ british royal family address
  3. Royal sultanate has nothing against royal family
  4. Journalists touring trendy clubs to expose a royal
  5. Royal person in front of crowd, surrounded by journalists
  6. Member of the british royal family
  7. Member of the russian royal family, 1613 to 1917
  8. Oz state overwhelmed by a royal family member's return
  9. Member of royal family excited by braintree plc
  10. Personal attendant of a member of the royal family
  11. What's an attempt to arrest every member of royal family?
  12. Member of royal family or of the upper classes in origin
  13. Fundamental truth i place in member of royal family
  14. Female member of a royal family
  15. Money paid for capturing knight and member of royal family
  16. Raise a stink dropping saint for old member of royal family
  17. Sinatra upset member of royal family once
  18. Male member of a royal family
  19. Member of royal family
  20. Ground rules for member of royal family having one place inside society


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