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  1. Actor who learns the part of another actor in order to act as a replacement if necessary
  2. Kirk __, actor, father of another actor
  3. Actor cameron actor fairbanks = actor ___
  4. Another suitcase in another hall musical
  5. Tony-winning musical with the song another suitcase in another hall
  6. Oxygen and another gas, oxygen and another gas, energy individually matched
  7. To lie about another. to tell the truth about another
  8. Musical with the song "another suitcase in another hall"
  9. Another time, another age - an icon
  10. And 18 across: pitches underfoot kept more than one wet: one fell, then another, then another ...
  11. Rook and duck protected by another bird — and another
  12. Awful term is followed by another endless one — and another
  13. One river or another going south in direction of another going north
  14. 'another ___, another show' ('kiss me, kate' song)
  15. Rook and duck protected by another bird -- or another
  16. Another day another __
  17. One german scientist contracted to meet another one and another
  18. Another day another $%&! grecian urn?
  19. One quaker speaking to another, or one writing to another
  20. One disaster leading to another and then another?


  1. Needed to reorder
  2. Ruddy german after making u turn tailgates german car, i hear
  3. Gas brand with collectible toy trucks
  4. Words before rest or reckoning
  5. Rumble from ocean was disturbing to the ear
  6. Garden critter
  7. Incrementally
  8. Tool for cleaning a bookcase