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  1. Collins of “dynasty”
  2. -- colby, the character played by joan collins in 'dynasty'
  3. "dynasty" actress collins
  4. First name of part played by joan collins in 'dynasty'
  5. Joan collins' 'dynasty' role
  6. "dynasty" role for joan collins
  7. Astronaut collins and oth
  8. Collins's style permeates
  9. Tom collins ingredient
  10. Sch. in fort collins
  11. Maine senator collins
  12. Collins/tarkington book a
  13. Collins on the op-ed page
  14. Collins and donahue
  15. Pop singer collins
  16. Drink champagne (or coffee) as collins officially leads army's leaders
  17. Org. in "michael collins"
  18. Astronaut collins
  19. Singers ochs and collins
  20. The ____, a novel by wilkie collins


  1. Quickens boxed q, for one
  2. Military fabric, for short
  3. Heraldic field strewn with small bearings
  4. Omits an attachment, say
  5. Protective channel
  6. Had a stable baby
  7. Japanese copier brand
  8. Twitter follower, often