The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with E.
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Crossword Answers for "James parkinson or alois alzheimer"

Added on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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  1. Eponym
    1. Rob roy or shirley temple
    2. The earl of sandwich, for
    3. Penn, to pennsylvania
    4. Word derived from a person’s name
    5. Extremely naughty poem about don juan, perhaps
    6. Name-lending person


  1. Eponymous skater alois __
  2. Alois --, austrian skater 1898-1918
  3. Eponymous dr. alzheimer
  4. Dr. alzheimer
  5. Alzheimer's __ degenerative disease of the brain
  6. Vitamin used to fight alzheimer's
  7. Noted alzheimer's sufferer ronald
  8. A drug that was used in the treatment of alzheimer's disease
  9. "being on a __ stops me from getting alzheimer's": jerry stiller
  10. Alzheimer's __, degenerative brain condition
  11. Anti-parkinson's drug
  12. L-___ (parkinson's treatm
  13. Treatment for parkinson's
  14. Parkinson's treatment
  15. Model parkinson
  16. Parkinson's battler
  17. Rx for parkinson's
  18. L- -- (parkinson's treatment)
  19. Pal, do use the drug to treat parkinson's disease
  20. Parkinson's drug


  1. Part of scotland provided iron manacles
  2. Part of chair place covered by planted bottom
  3. People in north america
  4. Peppery leafed vegetable used in salads
  5. Part of entrance security vital to flat
  6. Penperson
  7. Part of deck sees action
  8. Pay attention to flash gordons origin being leaked