The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with B.
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Crossword Answers for "It slows or stops progress"

Added on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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  1. Brake
    1. Slow down born libertine
    2. Stopper
    3. By sound of it, opportunity to slow down
    4. Slowing device
    5. Slow down
    6. 'that'll make you stop it and smash it, by the sound of it (5)'


  1. Slows the progress of
  2. Delays, slows the progress of
  3. Slows down and stops
  4. Stops the progress of
  5. Stops moving or progress
  6. Sign that stops progress in company's belief
  7. Hybrid car that runs a few seconds, then stops, then runs again, then stops again...?
  8. Slows down traffic, say?
  9. Slows down
  10. Insect that infests crossing bitumen? it slows things down
  11. Back case for doctors accepting time slows down
  12. Holds back, slows down.
  13. What slows horse-drawn vehicle? an insect
  14. Somewhat hampers and slows additional signs?
  15. It slows down horses when oats get cut by 50%
  16. *footwear that slows you down?
  17. Slows the growth of
  18. Slows something down
  19. Holds up, slows down
  20. Slows down involuntarily


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  2. In possession of intelligence american leaked about men id compromised
  3. I will participate in request, not against making a start
  4. In full, it represents a measure of liquid
  5. And majnun
  6. Indicated novel gets rude
  7. I must keep small boy towing the line
  8. In need of opening, kitchen passage