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  1. Aimed at
  2. Ordinance aimed at pet ow
  3. They're usually aimed at
  4. Incentive aimed at golden
  5. Ads aimed at hikers and p
  6. Radio etc aimed to broadcast
  7. Genre of escapist romantic fiction aimed at women
  8. Violent riots aimed at a particular religious group
  9. Animated tv series aimed for the adult audience
  10. In boxing blow aimed at the chin from underneath
  11. Crusades aimed to seize __ from muslim control
  12. Drink made with beans aimed to stay awake
  13. A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production
  14. A carer aimed for treatment from fellowship
  15. Series of lectures on this is aimed in the right direction
  16. Blow aimed at opponent's chin
  17. What is there about the bargain that's to be aimed for?
  18. Game in which ball is aimed at pins
  19. Object (aimed at)
  20. 'be bold' -- foolishly aimed high


  1. Mark held to account, ultimately
  2. Man born of a mother? no!
  3. Many ladies feel uneasy, draping area with moveable sheets
  4. Map line of constant pressure
  5. Manias
  6. Man in play catching female criminal
  7. Married lady treated in absurd way
  8. Man loudly open about sexuality in publicity blitz