The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "It happens without warning"

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  1. "whatever happens, happens"
  2. Road warning sign warning
  3. Who said “without promotion, something terrible happens nothing!”
  4. In rome almost nothing happens without some escort being unaware
  5. Sound like this happens on an on-going basis without conviction
  6. What happens in the fall, without starting to spy
  7. Drop without warning
  8. Without even a warning
  9. Major change of course, but without first vessel (1-4) (warning: two answers in this special 2500th puzzle require numbers as well as letters. the figure zero must be entered as a capital o.)
  10. Without warning, in south of france, refuse to stock line
  11. Without warning, alas, found and led astray
  12. Joint that may buckle without warning
  13. Duly ends broadcast without warning
  14. Search by police without warning
  15. Gold pinched by foreigner without warning? i'll turn a blind eye
  16. Shoot game without warning
  17. It's given without warning
  18. Old office worker increasingly striking leader without warning
  19. Running away without warning
  20. Random test, made without warning


  1. They were being frightened
  2. ___: the movie (2017 tv movie based on a usa series)
  3. Saw bishop out of bed, having risen
  4. State south of oklahoma: abbr.
  5. Repeatedly beat badly hurt male
  6. Escape quickly after seeing copper close to flat with ladder
  7. Play-stopping noise from a referee
  8. End of the school week typically: abbr.