The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "It borders the suez canal nyt"

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  1. Sinai
    1. Egyptian peninsula
    2. Mount of the ten commandm
    3. Exodus mountain
    4. Red sea peninsula
    5. Biblical mount
    6. Mount ___, where the comm


  1. French city where the canal du midi connects with the canal de garonne
  2. It borders this many other states
  3. Agree, without borders, yard is dull
  4. Moving round borders of state etc, not given to stays
  5. State that borders veracruz
  6. Borders of boxing rings
  7. Borders of blue delphiniums?
  8. Doctors without borders, e.g., in brief
  9. What doctors without borders provides
  10. River forming the borders
  11. Borders on
  12. City on polish borders, strangely mesmerising
  13. It borders hudson bay: abbr.
  14. London gardens, grass borders taking an oblique course
  15. Mother's done ok, somehow getting borders for dresses to be all the same
  16. Its borders are french an
  17. It borders antarctica
  18. It borders the brooklyn b
  19. Land - there's failure to include it within the borders of turkey
  20. It borders the state of a


  1. Attends to, as a dry stamp pad
  2. Polar bear playground
  3. Identity thief, e.g.
  4. Big time for santa
  5. Encrusting
  6. Nobel-winning author morrison
  7. *slurpee seller
  8. Wolf in the henhouse?