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  1. I tonya actress who plays queen elizabeth i in mary queen of scots: 2 wds.
  2. Brooklyn actress who portrayed queen mary in mary queen of scots: 2 wds.
  3. 19 10, losing heart, confines pupil to scots earldom in scots town
  4. Man on irish beach. man on irish beach. man on irish beach
  5. Joint scots and irish flowers, identically trimmed
  6. Scots and irish
  7. Ancient irish, scots or welsh
  8. Leader of scots or welsh, for example, not english or irish
  9. Spirit of the scots -- or irish, but not english
  10. Irish, scots religious symbol
  11. Old scots or irish gaelic
  12. Teacher with extract of scots irish
  13. Scots or irish gaelic
  14. Irish port and county first withdrawn after scots one
  15. Jackson of "mary, queen of scots"
  16. Husband of mary, queen of scots
  17. 'mary, queen of scots' biographer fraser
  18. ''queen of scots'' monarch
  19. Fit scots put queen victoria up in western isle
  20. Northamptonshire castle where mary queen of scots was executed


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