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  1. Big name in perfumes
  2. Picasso daughter known for her fashion designs and perfumes
  3. Perfumes with a joss stic
  4. Chemical used in perfumes
  5. Holder of combs, perfumes
  6. Perfumes
  7. Many perfumes
  8. Aromatic shrub whose leaves yield a fragrant oil used in the of perfumes
  9. Romantic language and famous perfumes
  10. Big name in french perfumes
  11. Catlike mammal secreting musk used in perfumes
  12. Like some perfumes
  13. Extracts and perfumes
  14. Perfumes and extracts
  15. Perfumes or extracts
  16. Perfumes ceremonially
  17. Big name among perfumes
  18. Fragrance used in perfumes
  19. Perfumes, e.g
  20. Detect the perfumes, by the sound of them


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