CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Investigating team in the x files"

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  1. Like the 'the x-files' vis-à-vis 'the rockford files'
  2. Accident-investigating agcy.
  3. Do some investigating
  4. Occupation involving investigating atoms, molecules and elements
  5. Crash-investigating org.
  6. Searching investigating detective work
  7. Investigating by asking questions or poking
  8. Secret agent working against or investigating enemy espionage
  9. Specialist group investigating specific problem
  10. About to go to work, quiet work in office investigating crime
  11. Investigating background of plan to steal from the post
  12. One investigating bugs with crafty sting -- mole too
  13. Instrument board; investigating group
  14. Person investigating about recovering alcoholic with one man's stimulant
  15. With men, busy investigating a boy's speech problem
  16. Honour friend's servant, one investigating complaints
  17. A special lab's constructed for experimenter investigating pressure
  18. Place for investigating us version of party with a right-winger
  19. Derailment-investigating org
  20. Man investigating responses to a meringue


  1. Oogenesis definition
  2. In fangotherapy, a restorative spa or sea treatment involving submerging the body into thermal clay
  3. Anthropomorphic cartoon bear who had his own comic strip in the beano
  4. Cruel man carrying bag lady who's not light
  5. Optimism from schopenhauer!
  6. Move it around for a purpose
  7. Member of a native american people of arizona and northwest mexico
  8. Tasman dutch explorer