The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Introductory statement, prolog"

Added on Wednesday, January 25, 2023
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CODYCROSS Hobbies Group 1416 Puzzle 2

  1. Toothed circle forms part of a mechanism
  2. On something decide to end or quit
  3. Tire brand, name from vulcanized rubber inventor
  4. Get to know personally introduce to others
  5. Ancient egyptian sculptor of famous nefertiti bust
  6. Amount of water from the sky that can be measured
  7. Condition where the skin loses pigment
  8. Greg former raptors centre
  9. Humans in shadowlands who cant see angels etc
  10. Marvel superhero whose real name is danny rand
  11. Feeling out because youre busy and worried
  12. Sweet liqueur typically made from almonds
  13. Us state whose abbreviation is de
  14. Window in the ceiling
  15. Coastal flatfish like ariels friend
  16. Marriage to a single spouse


  1. Preamble
    1. Introductory text
    2. Before a doctor left half of preliminary statement
    3. Preliminary or introductory statement
    4. Parking, saunter around, about to make overture
    5. Introductory statement
    6. A rebel mp's stirring opening words


  1. A senior computer programmer grasps prolog at last
  2. Prolog
  3. An author's introductory statement
  4. Preliminary or introductory statement
  5. Introductory (measure or statement)
  6. Introductory statement
  7. Introductory or opening statement
  8. Introductory statement at beginning of book
  9. An introductory statement to a document or speech
  10. Introductory statement that starts a book
  11. Introductory reading
  12. One making introductory r
  13. Introductory painting class
  14. Introductory course, ofte
  15. Introductory passage
  16. Introductory course?
  17. Introductory drawing clas
  18. Introductory scene
  19. Introductory words, maybe
  20. Introductory tv episode


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