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  1. Intensify destruction of a celesta
  2. Intensify
  3. Take these off to intensify the fight
  4. Intensify when you use the elevator
  5. Intensify belief, holding limited view
  6. Intensify, as suspense
  7. Grow - intensify
  8. Heighten, intensify
  9. Intensify, in slang
  10. Intensify approval initially lacking
  11. Intensify, once broken homes come into it
  12. Trade union splits bound to intensify
  13. De-intensify
  14. Intensify, as feelings
  15. Cone-shaped device to intensify the human voice
  16. Intensify slangily
  17. Intensify, aggravate
  18. Compound or intensify
  19. Intensify a situation
  20. Intensify, increase or improve


  1. Electric switch operated by pressing
  2. Edwardian dresser police officer upended
  3. Eg, canberra native
  4. Eggs upset deer
  5. Eight rave boisterously around city to do this?
  6. Electras complex is most understandable
  7. Election activity
  8. Electronic device starts iron working