CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Insulin producing gland"

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  1. Pancreas
    1. Islets of langerhans loca
    2. Produces digestive hormones including insulin
    3. Body organ that secretes glucagon
    4. Holy man avoids london area collecting electronic organ
    5. Gland near stomach, sends insulin into blood
    6. Gland that secretes digestive enzymes


  1. Gland near stomach, sends insulin into blood
  2. Human gland that secretes insulin
  3. Steroid-producing gland
  4. Melatonin-producing gland
  5. Ductless gland in the neck producing white blood cells in one’s early years
  6. Mum's gland producing milk shake
  7. Substance like insulin
  8. Insulin, e.g.
  9. Produces digestive hormones including insulin
  10. Regulatory body substance e.g. insulin cortisol
  11. Insulin device from eli lilly
  12. Lilly of insulin fame
  13. Single-mindedness of worried vet on insulin
  14. Weariness caused by regularly lean insulin
  15. Organ of the body that produces insulin
  16. Insulin disorder
  17. What insulin regulates the metabolism of
  18. Is debate about disease needing insulin?
  19. Insulin co-inventer
  20. Insulin, for one


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