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  1. Insigne e
  2. ___ broche (cooked on a skewer)
  3. ___ broche (on a skewer)
  4. __ broche (skewered)
  5. ___ broche (cooking style)
  6. Broche a rotir
  7. Former c.i.a. chief porte
  8. Forecourt offering a french guide to porte de l'evolution
  9. Establishments that often have porte cochres
  10. System with a porte de versailles station
  11. What goes through porte maillot in northerly direction?
  12. 'porte ___ lilas' (oscar-nominated 1957 film)
  13. Titre porte par les souverains ethiopiens 5 lettres
  14. Titre porté par les souverains éthiopiens


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