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  1. Insect-eating mammal with long nose and tongue
  2. A large, insect-eating mammal with a sticky tongue
  3. I argue that mammal should eat mammal
  4. Marine mammal, named after large land mammal
  5. Termite-eating african mammal
  6. Furry fish-eating mammal
  7. Amphibian and fish-eating mammal (10)
  8. Dog eating a duck - and a marine mammal!
  9. Ant-eating mammal
  10. Plant-eating aquatic mammal
  11. Fish-eating mammal
  12. Bamboo-eating mammal
  13. Marine mammal sees dog eating a duck
  14. Large fruit-eating flying mammal
  15. Amphibious fish-eating sea mammal
  16. Mammal disconcerted eating welshman
  17. Flying old world mammal known for eating fruit
  18. Small fish-eating mammal
  19. Aquatic fish-eating mammal that returns to shore to breed
  20. Oyster-eating mammal


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