The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with A.
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Added on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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  1. Arsenic
    1. Poisonous element
    2. As football team loses a league, 1 to 100
    3. Cause of philip boyes's d
    4. Poison distributed in scare
    5. As seen in chemical table, it’s a poison
    6. As aircraftsman lands set off siren


  1. Knock back some elderberry wine
  2. Elderberry wine additive,
  3. Elderberry wine additive, in a classic film
  4. Promising a flavour mixed with hints of blackcurrant and elderberry
  5. Cameron drinking ice tea mixed with a bit of elderberry for a spell of calm
  6. Served up a sample of elderberry wine
  7. Anise and often elderberry italian liqueur
  8. One of the sisters in 'sisters'
  9. One of the sisters in chekhov's 'three sisters'
  10. Feldshuh of "brewster's m
  11. ___ brewster cary grants role in arsenic and old lace
  12. Actress ___ brewster
  13. "punky brewster" star
  14. 'punky brewster' star soleil moon ___
  15. "__ brewster": '80s sitcom
  16. Feldshuh of 'brewster's millions'
  17. ___ brewster, beleaguered nephew in 'arsenic and old lace'
  18. Cooker on which 'dr brewster higley' felt at home?
  19. "punky brewster" actress soleil moon
  20. Joseph kesselring black comedy play about the brewster family


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