The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Impatient dismissals"

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  1. Pshaws
    1. Quaint dismissals
    2. Scornful dismissals
    3. Expresses disbelief
    4. Dismissive utterances
    5. Interjections used to express irritation or disbelief
    6. Poohs


  1. Mass dismissals
  2. Quaint dismissals
  3. Scornful dismissals
  4. They may decide promotions from dismissals under pressure
  5. Throaty dismissals?
  6. Penny presses for mass dismissals
  7. How one side's fielders hope to achieve dismissals?
  8. Heave-___ (dismissals)
  9. Loss (if natural, without dismissals)
  10. Harsh dismissals
  11. Court that deals with unfair dismissals at work
  12. Impatient
  13. Impatient order
  14. Better, to an impatient boss
  15. Irritable and impatient
  16. Impatient person's dread
  17. Impatient - jumpy
  18. What the impatient reader
  19. Impatient, note, to reach cornwall resort shortly
  20. Impatient cry


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