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  1. Original language of henrik ibsen's plays
  2. Some may write off ibsen plays as romances
  3. Garrick initially puts on ibsen play
  4. Ibsen's "___ gynt"
  5. Ibsen title character
  6. Shut up about unusually grey play by ibsen
  7. Like ibsen, to his countr
  8. Dramatist ibsen
  9. Ibsen character
  10. Ibsen's "doll"
  11. Ibsen's ___ helmer
  12. Ibsen heroine
  13. Ibsen's peasant widow
  14. The "doll" in ibsen's "a
  15. Ibsen doll?
  16. Where ibsen worked
  17. Playwright ibsen
  18. Site of the ibsen museum
  19. Ibsen's home
  20. __ ibsen norwegian 19th century playwright


  1. Go over in box cart?
  2. Goes commando and talks through the mission
  3. Godfather, eliminating leading democrat, is no criminal
  4. Goes drinking and nearly scores
  5. Godfather chopping tail off fowl
  6. Go for
  7. Go wrong with delivery run
  8. Goal of peer is to join queen