The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A


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  1. Apiano
    1. Title of a tori amos boxed set
    2. What ''i love'' in an irving berlin song
    3. What 'i love' in a 1915 irving berlin song


  1. Irving berlin's "you're j
  2. Irving berlin standard
  3. Russian irving berlin cla
  4. Irving berlin's "always,"
  5. Irving berlin's "___ my h
  6. Irving berlin, composer, born -- isidore beilin
  7. 1924 irving berlin tune
  8. Contraction that's followed by the shaded zigzag in an irving berlin lyric
  9. 1924 irving berlin song
  10. Popular song written by irving berlin for the 1933 musical 'as thousands cheer'
  11. Irving berlin musical
  12. Blue ___ (irving berlin tune)
  13. '___ be surprised' (irving berlin song)
  14. Song by irving berlin
  15. "when ___ you" (irving berlin)
  16. Irving berlin "they like ___"
  17. Irving berlin song
  18. What ''even harry truman says'' in an irving berlin song
  19. 1950s irving berlin campaign song
  20. What ''i love'' in an irving berlin song


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  3. Nap taken by motorist - quite a blow
  4. Notorious influencer against returning non-british resident of bangladesh
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  6. Is relevant when one puts in for the job
  7. Red line brewery's exceptional drink
  8. London's police force, in short