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  1. Jumper goes over edges of dyke in cowboy show
  2. Spoils hay at edges, likely to get wet
  3. Behind the scenes around the edges working on the production of the queen
  4. Almost spill over edges
  5. Easily move clipped bezel holding rhinestone's edges
  6. Comparing internal material, knife edges cutting through
  7. Gold, auric edges in pen containing a metalloid
  8. Edges away from manic small creature
  9. Woman holding edges of tender single plant
  10. Nice solvers hug arachne on edges of edmonton green
  11. It’s used to clean edges of surgeon’s instrument - boatman closes it
  12. Edges up to
  13. In the us, a sinker in leading edges of drag or net under trawler
  14. Card drawer cracking at the edges in factory
  15. Mouth edges
  16. Locking device with two toothed edges and a sliding tab
  17. Blade that struggles to cut edges
  18. Overhanging roof edges
  19. Straight narrow sword with two edges
  20. Squared at the edges


  1. One of the by ship is cosmetic
  2. Oscar-winning jared
  3. One rescuing volunteers eaten up by ’orrible savage
  4. Proof of proof, perhaps
  5. One of hugos articles about current story
  6. Home of timbuktu
  7. Crisp, smooth fabric
  8. Almost any word ending in -ize