The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Hotel's given a youngster light dish"

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  1. Ofarc
    1. France's joan ___
    2. Joan ____
    3. What may follow joan?
    4. Joan ___ (french saint): 2 wds.


  1. Animated youngster in film and book given limited scope
  2. Youngster given extremely large spoon
  3. Rowdy youngster given notice in brief communication
  4. Youngster given aid to purchase film
  5. Youngster is given marks in art school
  6. Youngster's heartily sick, given this sort of equation!
  7. Youngster given support on horse by the queen
  8. Hotel employee scolded about light taken by relative
  9. Ladies light shoe in hotel is one of the specialities of mineral spa
  10. French landmark hotel's fantastic with light on
  11. Light sailboat at a hotel chain?
  12. Rating given to hotel in resort of dubai - or dubai's neighbour
  13. Hotel given exemption from surprise strike
  14. Grand hotel, given time, embraces good idea
  15. Policeman outside hotel given something to eat
  16. Mountain hotel given a top rating
  17. Old artefact in hotel given special display
  18. 1 across: code given by leaks expert getting hotel for learner?
  19. Light in a light show
  20. Shines or sparkles due to light reflected light


  1. Burst pipe blocked with old argentinian meat
  2. Refuse to have dealings with
  3. Horror film about a submariner
  4. During holiday atmosphere, breaking into song at kfc for one
  5. Like an ironclad case
  6. Frazier defeater
  7. Dizzy maid regularly leaving treacle for butterfly
  8. Means of removing mutual shyness