The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S


Do you know the answer?


  1. Serge
    1. Fabric with diagonal ridges
    2. Fabric with diagonal lines
    3. Poetic time
    4. Suit material
    5. Twilled fabric
    6. Twilled worsted


  1. Musteline animal also called the honey badger
  2. Weasel-like animal also called a honey badger
  3. Honey badger
  4. Rodent with the spanish honey badger
  5. Carnivorous mammal of african and asian wooded regions also called a honey badger
  6. Mammal that is also called the honey badger
  7. Honey-badger haunts
  8. Honey-badger gets speed on line
  9. For honey by the hundred and you don't get the taste of honey
  10. Fermented honey drink also known as honey-wine
  11. Badger one animal almost and another
  12. Badger-like animal took food in opposite directions
  13. Class ultimately nocturnal animal like a badger
  14. Badger — primarily nocturnal animal, greyish
  15. Wolverine of marvel comics e.g.
  16. S-superhero wolverine's catchphrase?
  17. Wolverine's portrayer
  18. Wolverine's pack
  19. Wolverine for one
  20. Wolverine portrayer jackman


  1. Hurdles for some students
  2. Hiring-firing type
  3. Self-regulating
  4. Blazing soul group?
  5. The good-hands people?
  6. Lay aside
  7. ''watch the sunrise on a tropic __''
  8. Subject of peer pressure?