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  1. Joyce's homeland
  2. Homeland protection org.
  3. El greco's homeland
  4. Part of the dept. of homeland security
  5. Homeland of orpheus
  6. Zionists homeland
  7. Homeland airer, for short
  8. Homeland of spartacus
  9. Homeland of 9-across
  10. Homeland plot?
  11. Jewish homeland
  12. Obamas first homeland security secretary
  13. Homeland of joyce and yea
  14. Hamlet's homeland
  15. Mahler's homeland: abbr.
  16. Three supporting past movement in favour of homeland
  17. Nero's homeland
  18. Damascene's homeland
  19. Kahlil gibran's homeland:
  20. Tito's homeland


  1. Todd, the demon barber of fleet street
  2. Exposed relatives endless bill
  3. Beam, gym equipment for those with little feet
  4. Punishment, chastisement by striking
  5. Copier setting that creates order
  6. Famous italian river crossed by caesar in 49 bc
  7. British musician peter noones band hermans
  8. From an indonesian island with many hindus