The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "At home, tight-knit group pens note privately?"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Insecret
    1. Behind closed doors
    2. Overtly
    3. Six-footer entertains soldier surreptitiously
    4. On the sly, the little creature again comes in
    5. Nobody keeps soldiers under cover
    6. About to break into fashionable school under cover


  1. Tight-knit group to handle broadcast
  2. Daughter put in charge in tight-knit group
  3. Tight-knit
  4. Tight-knit family
  5. What french call island square for tight-knit body
  6. Close-knit group
  7. Close-knit group at a popular island destination?
  8. Case-bound book belonging to close-knit group
  9. Close-knit group of people who don't encourage outsiders
  10. Close-knit social group
  11. Certain close-knit social media group
  12. What one did to get the line tight when one was tight
  13. Kept your line tight when you were tight
  14. Taught privately
  15. Not all the mail to be answered privately?
  16. Coined a new farthing, to tell it privately
  17. Share open broadcast or they’ll relay performance privately
  18. Amass and store privately
  19. Meet with privately
  20. Privately taught


  1. '_______ is such sweet sorrow': a line from william shakespeare's romeo and juliet
  2. Haste makes waste and similar sayings
  3. Specify fruit without eastern mark
  4. Cakelike cookie
  5. Grey color with a tinge of brown
  6. ____ played jacob marley's ghost in the 1951 film scrooge
  7. Reflected upon sadly
  8. Movie rating organization