The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "A home-delivered shopping parcel"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS science lab Group 310 Puzzle 4

  1. Juliets family name in shakespeares play
  2. Odd rare objects from foreign countries
  3. Hotel refreshment box
  4. Small immature tree
  5. ??renaissance literally means this
  6. Where the train pulls into
  7. Material used in ancient egypt for writing
  8. Italian dumplings of potato and semolina
  9. Four players on court in tennis
  10. Greek goddess of the hunt; diana to the romans
  11. Trinidadian dance music; also a sea nymph


  1. Package
    1. Bundle of items wrapped for shipment
    2. Box that is sent through the mail
    3. Item shipped in a box in the mail
    4. Wrap, put in a box
    5. Bundle up set taking a long time
    6. Rugby players get on cheap holiday?


  1. Transported like a parcel being delivered
  2. Person to whom a parcel is delivered
  3. Line delivered before lines are delivered
  4. Shopping ___ (excessive shopping)
  5. __ shopping, or food shopping
  6. Home __, your shopping is brought home in a van
  7. Delivered last order by middle of september to a primitive lad's home perhaps
  8. Delivered mail to order to primitive lads' home perhaps
  9. Violence around home delivered by little fellow, say
  10. Home shopping inits
  11. Home shopping channel
  12. Network seen in "the soup" segment "tales from home shopping"
  13. Engage in home shopping
  14. Home shopping rival
  15. Home-shopping event?
  16. Home shopping network?
  17. Home of garden state plaza, one of the largest shopping centers in the u.s
  18. Big initials in home shopping
  19. Convenient form of home shopping
  20. Shopping from home


  1. Nerdy types plug in special operating system
  2. Type of bright colors seen in some fashion trends
  3. Narrator describing short party for tourist
  4. Fryer
  5. Yellow parts of eggs
  6. Actress longoria of the sentinel
  7. Ballet or waltz, e g
  8. Naval mine, not large, used by american force