The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Hollywood tease"

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  1. Promo
    1. Ad ___
    2. Teaser
    3. ___ code (discount provider)
    4. Movie trailer, e.g.
    5. Interest piquer
    6. Many an ad


  1. Street crossing hollywood in hollywood
  2. Hollywood's hollywood and vine do it
  3. Hollywood actress runs into hollywood actor
  4. Tease
  5. Tease relentlessly
  6. Tease good-naturedly
  7. Little peckers regular features of strip-tease, i'm told!
  8. Revealed by priest: i'm a tease of dubious value
  9. Tease snoozer and he might take issue!
  10. Tease lecturer having a new coat
  11. Tease or ridicule
  12. Tease hip republican with comedy skin piercing
  13. Famous 5 in novel start to tease bachelor rotten
  14. Tease at least in a different way
  15. Tease scornfully
  16. Idiot; tease
  17. The __ brit film about male strip-tease
  18. Scruffy women tease a great deal
  19. Tirade from girl vexed about tease
  20. Tease, catching sister with unusual riddle


  1. Affected working class speech used by jamie oliver, guy ritchie and others
  2. Felicity initially lacking flexibility
  3. Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who succeeded akhenaton c. 1333 bc
  4. Discontinued make of gm cars for short
  5. 1933 james whale horror
  6. Distribute unevenly
  7. Wind in the willows included seven tales orginally
  8. Deceives, cheats