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  1. Was hesitant, displaying this sports trophy
  2. Hesitant sounds
  3. Hesitant question
  4. Hesitant ones
  5. Hesitant
  6. Hesitant response
  7. Be hesitant
  8. As solver, sound hesitant to get into second-rate stuff
  9. Wavering hesitant
  10. Picnic for the wedding party is bit hesitant - one of those plugged-in kitchen types is responsible for browning them off?
  11. Relatively courteous pope's hesitant expression
  12. Hesitant speaker's sounds
  13. Looking back, artist on board has hesitant expression for old cavalryman
  14. How the forte becomes hesitant for a change
  15. Strangely hesitant to accept american supporter
  16. Hesitant superior takes on new nurse
  17. One who had stable employment in the east of germany left with a hesitant expression
  18. Hesitant relative left lacking time in wet weather
  19. Catherine hides hesitant expression, having married a frog
  20. Sportsman, amateur, coming into the fold with hesitant expression


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  3. Unwanted plant in a garden
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