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  1. 13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps13 holds cluedo's green up in the 'green man', perhaps
  2. Some marine herds
  3. Greek god of flocks and herds
  4. Man who herds cattle lives on a ranch
  5. Blackbird that lives on by herds of cattle
  6. Tends and herds ruminant mammals
  7. Herds horses
  8. She herds cattle rides horses
  9. Herded herds
  10. It's primarily found in herds using altiplano, not at coastal outlands
  11. Herds free to roam can be renewed
  12. Herds crossing eastern river
  13. Canine that herds ovines
  14. Birds in herds
  15. Large part of some herds
  16. Herds of elk
  17. Strip the herds
  18. Sounds heard from herds
  19. God of herds with merry merry pipes
  20. It's heard among alpine herds


  1. Group of five hundred enthralled by young male
  2. Groups distinctive character
  3. Gruff
  4. Grovels so awkwardly in attempt to cover up
  5. Group for the clever chaps observed losing weight
  6. Gretas short dress
  7. Grounds to force son to accept terms on a regular basis
  8. Gunks